Thursday, May 25, 2006


PANcakes...that is what one youth touring Sea World was so adamant about earlier this week.

This young girl of about 7 years who was accompanied by at least 30 of her peers while, I assumed, on a field trip to the sunny San Diego, Calif., hot spot was carefully tip-toeing along the narrow curb separating the walkway from the grass and flowers adjacent to an exhibit. A little farther down, a maintenance crewmember was digging around a sprinkler head, the sharp blade of of the shovel tearing into the moist grass, exposing the cool, dark earth beneath.

I'm almost certain what he heard next. The volume was rising, and suddenly ...

"...PANcakes!!!" The girl shouted, piercing our ears and I'm sure the still-growing drums of her playmates.

Our guess is she wanted her point to be known. The children around her were telling their stories, and each child chimed in at a slightly louder pitch until all we heard was something to make us hungry for breakfast.

Mmmm. Pancakes!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Every party has a pooper

With high school and college graduations sprouting up left and right like spring flowers, parties of all kinds are beginning to surface as well.

May always has been a busy month for me with almost too many birthdays and milestones of friends and family to count. But, as I reluctantly remember this year, everyone is finding every reason to throw a party. Even I had been dreaming up a party idea of our very own over the past couple of months. (Wine & cheese? Luau? BBQ? Dinner party?)

It's not going to happen.

In light of recent developments, I've been a little antisocial, sleepy, quiet and pretty much reclusive, taking to knitting _______ (insert your favorite here: socks, blankets, sweaters, toys, washcloths) inside my cozy townhome. Separating myself from the couch some days is a chore. Luckily, my dear cats understand this and visit me often for nightly massages. (This, you say, is why my blogging has been anemic of late.)

So, if you've been wondering about me, there's the reason. And hopefully, by the time summer officially rolls around, I'll be back in my social saddle! Cheers!