Sunday, September 30, 2007

This is why I love tap

Yes. I watch Dancing With The Stars and I'm not afraid to admit it. It's mainly because I have a dance background, so you can't fault me there.

On Wednesday's show, Savion Glover was one of the featured guests.

I will never grow tired of seeing him move. He makes every single riff look effortless in his emerald green shoes.

To my chagrin, Glover and his troupe weaved in a tribute to the late Gregory Hines. Not everyone would know this unless they pay close attention and remember certain combinations. When a tap dancer takes a move from another dancer, it isn't considered a cheating or stealing tactic, it's considered a high form of respect, and I was quite touched seeing Glover and his troupe work in a combination Hines performed in the movie Tap. (It occurs with about 1:25 left in this clip.)

It made me want to dust off my worn taps and see what I still have left. Perhaps when I'm not almost nine months pregnant.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I hate to brag

This has never happened before, and I had to share.

I opened my Webster's New World College dictionary tonight to page 1125. The words on the right corner were posthumously and pot.

As in jackpot! The word I needed was right there on that very page! And I did this unbelievable task on deadline! I rule!

By the way, I was looking up postmortem to see if it was one word or hyphenated. (And just so you know, it's one word.)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Go ahead . . . laugh

It's been almost a week since my comedy-of-errors Saturday. I've been meaning to share this laughable day's events, but life has gotten in the way.

I woke up on my day off, eager to hit the pool at the rec center by my house. When I grabbed my bathing suit, I rolled it into a towel and hit the road. I bought a 20-pass punch card then walked into the women's locker room to change, confident my swollen ankles would soon be history. One problem.

I left half of my swim suit at home. For about 2 seconds I considered swimming in my underwear, but decided I should probably go home to get the rest of my suit. When I saw the front-desk manager on my way out, he asked me to come back in an hour since he let his lifeguard go to lunch after nobody had shown up to swim yet. Guess I'll have some time to kill.

So I went home, gathered my suit and made sure I was prepared this time. Since I didn't have an extra padlock for the lockers, I bought one at King Soopers. While I was there, I decided to get some gasoline.

Back at the rec center, I had my towel and underthings tucked under one arm, my new lock and purse in the other. I leaned over to take a sip from the drinking fountain (since I forgot my water bottle, which I take everywhere), except I felt something on my arm. I swatted at it. Probably just a stray cat hair I brought from home. Just then I felt a huge pinch!

I threw my purse and towel across the hallway, bra and underwear flying through the air. I looked at my arm. A huge red dot marked the spot where something bit me, about an inch below where I usually wear my watchband. What had it been? My thoughts were racing. Was it a spider? I had to check the towel. When I picked up a corner and shook it out, a bee buzzed up from underneath.

I couldn't remember having been stung by a bee in my adult life. Getting stung by a jellyfish hurt less. I was panicking. The arm turned red and swollen; a small diameter around the sting turned white. Should I go home to treat this? Will I have a serious reaction? Should I just stay and swim?

I picked the last option, collecting my undergarments from the hallway of the rec center. Luckily, it appeared nobody saw me flailing around and swatting at the air.

I carefully changed into my bathing suit and folded all my clothes neatly in a locker. I unwrapped the new lock, memorized the combination, checked it once and tried putting it through the hoop. Another problem. It wouldn't click. What was the deal? I checked the lock again, discovering it wasn't the lock, it was the locker. The hoop was too thick for the lock's neck to fit around. Great. I left my clothes there (who's going to steal maternity clothes?) and took my purse with me.

Now this is where I think it should get even more interesting, but it doesn't. I should just count myself as lucky that I didn't have some sort of accident or mishap while I was in the pool. Whew.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In the meantime

Here is a link to a short video on the Musicians' Village in New Orleans. (Yes, that's Harry Connick Jr.)

I've been meaning to post so many things lately but the idea inevitably slips my mind. So like the title says, in the meantime . . .

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What a wussy

This commercial used to make me cry every time I saw it. That was in my first trimester.

Oddly enough, I haven't seen it much since then. It just came back into the rotation recently, and the first time I saw it again last week, I just started laughing uncontrollably at what a big sap I was, crying at the drop of a hat!

Now I just think it's cute (and wish I had a surfer bod like that)!

The cat I spoke about in my most recent post was prowling the wildflowers again last night! I wonder if we shall meet again tonight.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

On the prowl

Almost home last night and on auto pilot, I saw this cute little cat prowling the wildflowers along the frontage road. It was black and white and fluffy. It had a an adorable looking face, and ambled along almost as if it was a little bit clumsy, juvenile. But was it really just a cute cat, or was it perhaps on the prowl for a late-night snack?

I imagine my little cat Gabby would do well on her own should she ever break loose, she seems to have such good instincts, but could she hunt for her own meals? Was that what this cat was doing? Maybe it spotted a rabbit, a mouse, a tiny prairie dog. Maybe it was having a whimsically fun time batting around the big, yellow blooms or chasing an insect. Was it a wild cat, or was it someone's cuddly lap partner?

If it's the latter, I hope that little bugger made it back home safely.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


After a minor freakout, I realized everything is just fine.

I was just lying in bed talking to C. before he fell asleep, and we were talking about the baby. I told him how much I love feeling him move, walking around with him all day, spending time with him whenever I want. This is the one thing I'll miss about being pregnant.

After C. dozed off, I thought to myself that I didn't remember the little guy moving since about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Just then, I started pushing on my stomach, feeling a little heel, or perhaps a shoulder down low. Nothing. I laid still. Nothing. I took a giant swig of cold water. Nothing.

Then, a move! I checked my watch. 12:37 a.m. Let the kick count begin.

But this wasn't kicking. It was a dose of hiccups. And he had them for eight minutes! Just then I giggled to myself. While I'm on the outside smiling, thanking him for the little cue that everything is OK, I imagined him having a lazy day inside, waking up long enough just to have mom give him the hiccups!

P.S. And as I write this, he's doing his own variation on the crocodile death roll, giving me a cramp or two in the process. He's probably just getting me back for waking him.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Catching up

Greetings! After a rather busy weekend and another couple of days filled with baby-related tasks, I figured it was OK for me to play with my blog at last.

This was the mound of presents from the baby shower Saturday. I have finished my thank-you cards and have unpacked everything. I even assembled the stroller last night (it was easy and I didn't do any lifting, but thanks for asking *blush*). But when I entered the nursery Monday, this is what I saw. So now, an equally messy view greets me when I open the door, but there is some method to my madness. For now, I have all the clothes sorted into piles by size, that way I can determine what we have too much/not enough of. We got quite a wide variety of great things. This is certain to be one well-dressed baby!

On the "me" front, I've been swimming a couple of times since last week, and I'm really enjoying the workout. In fact, I would have gone this morning, but the bod is moving a little bit slower this morning. Plus, I was counting on a little cat nap before I head to work.

I'm really enjoying the fall-ish weather, but it's going to be a sort of hot one today. By next week though, there will be no question as to what season we'll be in. This is great for me, since it has been one hot summer. My flowers are looking great (inside and out)!

Since there's no rhyme or reason to this entry, I'll end with this:


A cow, yes, a cow, standing on the front lawn of a house on York Street. It was just a lawn ornament but a rather large one at that. It looked a bit smaller than a real cow, not that I've seen lots of real cows up close in my lifetime. I think it might have been from a promotional deal going on this summer when celebs painted cows, and then they were auctioned off. I can't quite remember what it was for, but I actually have a cow lapel pin from the same thing. Perhaps this homeowner was a lucky winner!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thank you!

Thanks, everyone, for thinking of me during restriction week. After many offers of help, I realize I'm surrounded by many, many terrific friends.

Thanks to G., my wonderful friend who sent me this beautiful arrangement. The lilies C. got for me are still going strong, just moved into a smaller vase. You're the best!

And here's some pics of what I was doing on the couch Monday. I knit two dish cloths in the front and since have completed the other dish cloth in the background. Love buying kitchen cotton in cones! It's a steal.

I also felted the other handbag I made. Here is a before and after photo. (The purple/green bag was felted, the yellow/green was not.) After felting, they now are the same size.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm free!

No bed rest for me! While part of me wanted a big reason for all this commotion (not to mention a little time off), I'm really glad I'm not restricted in any way.

Doc said resume activity as usual and that she thinks I'll go full term. Whew.


That is exactly how I felt today on my first day of complete bed rest. For the time being, I can only get up to use the bathroom, eat or shower.

No exercise. No lifting. Limited walking. Limited stair-climbing. Nothing.

And while C. buzzed around doing everything I needed, I felt guilty. Yes, I know this is what I'm supposed to be doing, the nurse in the labor and delivery triage at St. Joseph's hospital told me so. So after a couple hours spent in the hospital Sunday night just to find out everything is fine and dandy (except for my frequency of contractions), I get the status report from Dr. B. tomorrow.

But tonight as I walked up the stairs to get ready for bed, I thanked C. for everything he did today -- grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning -- and said I was sorry I couldn't help at all, he said all I needed to hear . . .

"You're busy growing a baby."

Yessir, and I'd like to keep doing that for at least another 2-3 weeks.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Waiting game

Little black arrows dotted the printout. Lots of them. Above that, a squiggly line ran the length of the paper.

On the bottom, another calm, steady line showed a small rise in the middle, not enough to cause alarm.

After being hooked up to a contraction monitor Friday afternoon when I had absolutely no contractions (well, except for the one immediately after I stood upright), I went to work. Nurse T. said that's the baby's way of telling me to take it easy. Honestly, I don't know how much easier I can take it!

What I had underwent was a contraction stress test, when a fetal heart rate monitor and uterine contraction monitor are strapped around the belly, and you wait, in my case, for 30 minutes. I also had to push a button each time I felt baby move. Each click of the game-show-like "buzzer" resulted in an arrow below the heart-rate line. He was a wiggle worm, as usual.

Since about a week ago, I've had several contractions daily, and when I called the doctor's office for something else Friday, they were stunned another call I made Monday wasn't followed up. So I went in to get checked out.

I've been on modified bed rest since. After a day of lying around -- mostly on my left side -- I am bored, tired (what?) and still having several contractions. Oop, there goes one right now, 10 minutes after the previous one. What I do know is I definitely want this baby to stay inside for at least another 3+ weeks, even though he'd have a really good chance of surviving if he was born this premature.

So here I sit, another day. I still can't lift a thing, so Mom's coming to the rescue.

I also promise to keep you all posted!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

32 weeks

Did I swallow a beach ball?

And if you didn't think it could get any bigger, here's a close up. I had just slathered all that skin with shea butter. (It could be a full-time job!)


C. being silly. He's actually lost weight this summer. Couldn't be the umpteen rounds of golf he has played and all the running around he does at the opera house. I'm lucky if I can get up and down the stairs without using the hand rail.

I've consistently had between 20 and 30 a day since about Saturday. Luckily, I'm set for a routine prenatal checkup Tuesday. I'll ask Dr. B. then. After this appointment, I'm on a two-week schedule, then I think I go to a weekly schedule for 36 weeks and beyond. Time's a wastin'!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Booty's debut

Since I don't think I've ever had a photo of my oldest cat on here, I figured I'd share a couple. I probably haven't posted any pictures because she looks so unenthused in most of them. Anyway, happy birthday month, Booty. You're 10 years old now!

Chillin' on top of my yarn chest.

Seeking out her second nap location for the day.

And here's a close up of the stargazer lilies C. bought for me Sunday. The last time he got me stargazer lilies, they were part of a giant arrangement delivered in a limo outside the Las Vegas airport. I was there for a visit in summer 2004 (yes, Vegas in the summer, and on purpose). This time, I pulled off the tiny orange pollen bits from the flowers so they wouldn't stain my shirt.

Should I be worried?

At last count, I've had 29 contractions since waking up late this morning.

I did make a phone call to my insurance call center last night to see if I should have been worried about the six I had in a 3-hour span last night. The on-call nurse just gave me some tips on calming/slowing/stopping the contractions and a list of other things to look for that would require emergent care.

So far tonight, I've just been having practice contractions, no other signs of distress.

So I guess I just wait.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Still here

I'm still here. After a long holiday weekend, followed by a rest day, I'm back at work and easing into my normal routine again. Play time is over.

I'm sad to report I took very few photos over the weekend, and I know I owe another belly shot. Well, since I hit 32 weeks Thursday (that's eight months!), maybe I'll muster up the courage to share another photo.

I hope everyone's Labor Day weekend was grand, and I promise to be better about updates in the coming weeks. And with all these "practice" contractions, we might get to Junior's birthday sooner than we think!

Note to self: Must finish crib setup.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


That's what my body finally did last night after a full day on the town (Cherry Creek mall, 16th Street Mall, The Taste of Colorado, etc.) came to a screeching halt and I couldn't do anything about it.

Lest you worry, I heeded the message and rested, drank water and went to sleep. I have many ideas for posts, but I've been going non-stop since last weekend. For now, here is one small tidbit.


Driving back to work last week, I slowed to a stop at 13th and Lincoln. Just then, I was distracted by a person standing a little too close to the curb. Then I couldn't take my eyes off him. He literally was the man in black.

Black, shiny cowboy boots, black slacks, black shirt and tie, black shades and, just like the real Man In Black, he was puffing on a cigarette, looking a little too cool as he exhaled a stream of smoke into the air alongside the ribbon of white smoke trailing upward from his Marlboro. All that was separating us was my car window, him standing about 3 feet away from my vehicle. I took another head-to-toe glance, and then I was startled back to reality by the person driving behind me.

HONK HONK!! The light had turned green.