Friday, June 29, 2007

Stupid technology

Here's another thing that didn't used to happen 20, probably even 10 years ago.

I was leaving work tonight and on my way down the stairwell to my car, I heard a familiar noise. Just then, I tensed up, searching in my purse to make it stop. It was my cell phone, and the speaker was happily chirping one ring, then two. Then I saw the outer screen. Calling B. home.


I crazily searched for the end button and hit it about 18 times. Since my pal in Massachusetts was the last person to call me, she and her hubby were the lucky winners of a middle-of-the-night phone call courtesy of my arm banging on the outer buttons of my cell phone. With just the right movements when I walk and hug my purse close to my body, I can squeeze out a redial when I'm expecting it least. And it's on speaker to boot. Embarassingly, I have done this several times (I've woken up my mom, I've called C. repeatedly). This was just the worst all-time goof.

So B., I'm sorry for the 2:23 a.m. wake-up call. Please tell your man I'm sorry. Tell the little dude in your belly I'm sorry.

And tomorrow, I'm calling AT&T to see how to disable this horrid, unnecessary feature!

P.S. The entire time it took me to write this at 1 a.m., I devoured a bowl of Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal. I think I may have another!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


After discussing cloth diapering with C. and doing lots of online research, here's what we've been considering (as of now, in order of approval).

We wouldn't use cloth exclusively -- think day trips, vacations, sitters, etc. -- but the thought of tossing even one disposable diaper into the trash makes me wince. One throwaway takes 500 years to decompose. Disposable diapers also are the third most frequent item in our landfills.

The pros I've learned of with cloth diapering? Fewer infections and quicker toilet training. Suddenly, this is something I'm very passionate about!

Also, here are a few things I have bought or received for the little guy.

Little pjs with Pooh and Piglet on them, and an outfit for next summer from Michelle.

"Perfect" onesie and some terry-like footed pjs, bought on clearance at Kohls.

Some bigger clothes I bought for next year. I love the whale onesie, and the raincoat makes me smile.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Have you ever...

...hiccuped and burped at the same time?

I don't recommend it.

A friend for crabby

I had so much fun making the crab, I decided to give the fish a whirl.

Thanks to my friends who suggested I make a bunch of them and make my own mobile for the baby's crib.

There still is one more pattern: a seahorse. I'm sure I can squeeze him in over the next couple of nights after work. After that, I can play with different color combinations on all three. This is fun!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No pinch

Here is my latest knit project. I labored over scraps of yarn last night for a couple hours tops, and here's what I got.

P.S. I'm actually craving a very ripe watermelon, but my mac and Blogger weren't communicating this morning, so that's why the french fries are still there (I think it's a good staple to be craving, anyhow).

Doctor's orders

I was at Petsmart today buying our glorious cats some supplies: cat food and cat litter. I lifted the Iams bag into the cart myself, but when an employee was walking past the litter aisle, I asked him kindly to put the litter in the basket. He did with a big smile on his face, and I felt better about saving my strength and not pulling something. (My round ligaments still hurt when I sneeze.)

When I was checking out, the cashier asked if I would like help out today. When I said "Yes", she looked at me like I had a third eye.

"I'm sorry?" she said.

I guess people rarely ask for help anymore.

Monday, June 25, 2007


I got an e-mail from a nurse in my OB's office today. Her orders? Drink, drink, drink and keep exercise moderate. If cramping is closer than 15 minutes apart for one hour despite rest and hydration, then I should call. (She gave me a list of other symptoms to watch for, but some of them are just gross.)

So here I am, taking it easy today on my day off.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pure '80s

Just seen/heard: 1980s pop star Tiffany strutting around the stage at Civic Center Park at this weekend's Denver PrideFest, hosted by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center of Colorado. There were lots of rainbow-colored umbrellas, lots of skin, and I saw smoke rising from the food vending area. I bet they have frickin' funnel cakes there. (I'm so close!!)

Also seen: A black t-shirt on a woman wearing capri jeans and a studded, black leather belt and blue cap. The t-shirt read:


The seen, No. 2: A guy in his 40s running through the water fountain on the corner of Cleveland Place and Broadway, just steps away from Colfax Avenue. There were many teens who were standing and sitting nearby, drenched and laughing hysterically. The guy's woman was standing by, giggling, when he ran out of the fountain, soaking wet and undeniably cooler than before. Just then, he ran into the street in front of my car (my light had just turned green). Oops.


Well, after suffering from way too many Braxton Hicks contractions yesterday, I decided to elevate my feet and watch TV last night. I even took a nap!

I think the contractions were a way of telling me to slow down. After going to yoga yesterday from 12:30 to 2 p.m., I picked up C. at Prima, we went to the Cherry Creek mall to pick up an ink refill for his space pen, then headed for the Greek festival. We ate fried calamari, gyros, Greek fries and baklava, and listened to live Greek music. It was so freakin' hot there that we decided to split.

After dropping him back off at work, I drove to Old Navy to see if they had any outrageously cheap items on clearance. Nope. I decided to park the car near the new outdoor shopping mall at Northfield; it's basically situated on the old runways of the former Stapleton International Airport. I'm really excited about this shopping center because they have good restaurants, a Super Target and lots of cool little shops in between (including Bass Pro Shops from a previous post). I hadn't marched around to see exactly what cool shops those were until yesterday, so I may have been pushing it.

But I was drinking from my water bottle the entire time. I even sat in a Brookstone massage chair for 15 minutes to rest. I hadn't realized my feet were so swollen until I tried on a pair of flip flops. I could barely squeeze my tooties into them! I figured one last stop at the Cold Stone would suffice, but I got surprised with a contraction, then another about 10 minutes later. While indulging in my ice cream bowl, I had yet another one on my way to the car. That was it. I got home and that is where I've been since last night.

But today, I don't think I've had one, and I'm on my way to pack a lunch and head to work. But believe me, if I start having them at work, I'm going to drive my achy butt home to do some more self-imposed bed rest.

P.S. I had fun updating the code on my blog today. It's much easier this way, but a lot of the pesky html code I had in place before was deleted, and it took me way too long to figure out how to keep the pregnancy ticker at the top of the page, then to add a link to the baby pool to the right. And this was all done for you. ;-)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My latest purchase

The four-piece crib sheet set (not the crib), for the kid's room! I think I've got a blanket that matches.

Insomnia strikes

It's either that or I still have a lot on my mind. Or it's heartburn. My guess it's a little bit of both. I got home from work less than an hour ago, brushed my teeth, washed my face and took my vitamins. I felt tired, but maybe I just need some more time to unwind.

I also got some tragic news about a friend, so that has me thinking of the things I need to be thankful for, namely, this little boy in my belly. Tragedy does not discriminate. It's not fair, but it happens. So I guess I was left to lie awake, listening to the twirl of my ceiling fan, C. lightly snoring and a kitty purring at my feet. And my mind still racing from the night just passed.

So now I'm up. Guess I'll curl up with a book, and pop a couple of Tums just to be sure about that heartburn.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another "brown" cloud

While I was getting ready for work today, I noticed how HOT it was outside. We've had temps in the 90s the past few days to bring an end to spring, and yesterday, making the 0.6-mile walk to my car was brutal.

So with the sun blazing outside, I rifled through my limited wardrobe with extra care, got dressed and headed out the door, equipped with a 32-ounce Nalgene bottle with ice water. But what waited for me at Vasquez Boulevard and Interstate 70 was ominous.

A sandstorm, if you will, had whipped up in the area, like a dense fog leaving motorists creeping along, not sure what waited on the other side. After pulling out of it, the blue sky reappeared and tiny dirt devils whipped up adjacent to the highway. Denver's know for it's brown cloud -- a very ugly, stinky smog layer that blankets the city in the winter.

But this one was a little bit different. There to remind us that weather in Denver is never dull.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


...our baby boy, set to make his appearance Nov. 1, 2007.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A different world

I finally went into Bass Pro Shops yesterday to purchase a stadium/bleacher seat (the one with the back support, since I tend to get uncomfortable more quickly these days). We were headed to watch Pulp Fiction at Film On The Rocks at Red Rocks last night and I wanted to be prepared.

But nothing prepared me for these wild indoors.

First, hundreds of antlers were intertwined at the grand entrance, and a big, brown grizzly bear stared at me when I opened the door. (The door handle? Made from a giant antler.) There were tons of taxidermied bodies all over the place! Brown trout, lake trout, rainbow trout, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, moose, white-tailed deer, a mountain lion, a blond grizzly bear (which was rather pretty) and elk.


I'm by no means a card-carrying PETA member, but something about hunting just doesn't sit right with me. Before entering the ginormous store through a gate past customer service (which, by the way, has a rustic, log-cabin feel with big wooden rocking chairs, leather seats and a fireplace, if memory serves), there's a sign that reads "Please check all guns and bows at the door." And I saw two men check their rifles!

I quickly made my way to the camping section, pulled what I needed off the shelf and hurried my way to check out. Adjacent to the checkout lanes is the "general store", with saltwater taffy, fish fry batter, salsa and chili, spice rubs and anything else you need to cook your venison or freshly-caught fish. Yikes!

I'm not saying I'll never enter the store again, but at least next time I will be more prepared!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Baby's first...

...blanket! I hated the color of this yarn when it arrived, but after working a few rows it grew on me. Especially now since I might have chosen a crib sheet set. It would match!

The baby knitting will have to take a back seat for a bit though. I've got to start making more washcloths for my relatives and finish up another baby project - that one is a gift, though. I also promised my cousin a kitty bath mitt for the kids. Methinks I don't want to do another blanket for a while; I don't need a big project draped across my lap as I work. Discloths, bath mitts, even the stuffed monkey I was dreaming of knitting wouldn't fill my lap and make me break into a sweat! I'll keep you posted on my progress. (I am being a hair ambitious with all this talk.)


Father's Day to all the daddies!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tick tock

Time is running out to vote in C.'s and my baby pool (well to select gender, at least). We have our big ultrasound Tuesday afternoon.

Navigate to it from the "Links" section on the bar to the right.

Do not try this at home

DO NOT drive past the Purina dog chow factory on Interstate 70 near Vasquez with your window down. (Just as I did last night on my way home from work around 12:30 a.m. I know better than that!)

It's enough to make someone not pregnant gag!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Fast forward

C. called me tonight from the golf course. He had taken a glimpse at our future.

A man was waiting in the bathroom when C. went in, and the man called out, "You still doing OK, buddy?" I guess a little 4-ish-year-old boy said sheepishly from one of the closed stalls, "Daddy, I pooped in my pants."

C. thought it was so cute. He could sense the little guy was scared he was going to get in trouble, embarrassed and just wanted his problem to be fixed. Then C. told me that's what he has to look forward to in about four more years.

At least he'll be taking our son or daughter to the golf course!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Seven letters

My favorite sighting on the way back from Taos, N.M., traveling north on Colorado Highway 159, was a vanity plate on a charcoal gray Prius hybrid (something I want so badly!):


It made my day!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Road trippin'

Can't wait to hit the road for Taos.

I'll be seeing my grandma for the first time since September, and my dad for the first time in a few months. I have not seen a lot of my extended family for more than a year.

Hopefully I'll be back with a lot of new blog fodder, and if not, at least some tasty pictures for you to feast your eyes on!

Edit: Baby movement update! I think s/he liked the concert. I felt a "flutter" last night. Imagine holding a little fish in your closed fist and it wiggling around trying to get out. That's what it felt like! Some people describe it as butterflies, and it felt slightly like that. The fish analogy works much better for me though.

I'm just wild about ...

... Harry.

The concert tonight at Red Rocks was outstanding. His band was on fire, and he brought Lucien Barbarin, who plays a mesmerizing jazz trombone. Barbarin was even working it on the stage, lying sultrily across the top of Harry's Steinway & Sons black piano during a rendition of Basin Street Blues. They both sang. Truly a riot.

Harry made jokes ("Boy it sure is hot out here." The temp was in the 50s.), walked across the stage like a drunken sailor while showing us all how they dance in New Orleans, got sentimental about his hometown and the Musicians' Village, played three different pianos and even tried his hand(s) at the bongos.

He sang Jambalaya On The Bayou, directing his big band to "laissez les bon temps SWING, MAN!" He even threw in a reference to his wife, Jill, in the same song.

And during a super jazzy version of Didn't He Ramble, in which the 50-year-old Barbarin also sang a few bars, Harry busted out "Fish don't fry in the kitchen, beans don't burn on the grill. Took a whole lotta tryin', just to get up that hill."

Oh, and the best part?

We were about 10-15 feet away from the stage in the third row. Quite amazing.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Blast from the past

Today I saw a real, live lemonade stand! And they were troopers, sitting on the corner in Montbello in high winds. As far as I could tell, it was two young girls and two adults, perhaps Mom and Dad?

Didn't we all want to run a lemonade stand when we were younger? But this one was pretty high-tech, if memory serves (when the days of a plastic pitcher full of the lemony concoction and Dixie cups atop a card table was all it took, and enough coins in the bank to make change).

It was equipped with two five-gallon jugs, rows of disposable plastic cups and a wooden framing around the table area, all painted lemon yellow with black LEMONADE lettering at the top.

I was just dying to see how much they were charging for one cup!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gabby rules

Either that's her slogan, or she makes up her own "rules" along the way, my youngest cat is just rotten to the core. But I love 'er!

Goofing around the other day, she looked so playful standing next to the little "fun fur" mouse I crocheted for her.

Then with a flick of her tail -- it has a mind of it's own, you know -- she let out a gurgly, chirpy meow and dashed under the bed. If this is her idea of hiding, she had better rethink it. Every time I see this (and she does it often), I tap on her tail with my toe. She doesn't like that.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

iPods, on your mark

I'm borrowing this task from another fellow blogger. Thanks J.

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn’t make sense. (I cheated here by skipping the iTrip stations that came be fair, only two did.)

How do you feel today? Battleflag - Lo-Fidelity Allstars
What's your outlook on life? Winter Wonderland - Harry Connick Jr.
What does your family think of you? Greenbacks - Ray Charles
What do your friends think of you? Awakening - Michael Mandrell
What do your exes think of you? It Had To Be You - Harry Connick Jr. (instrumental)
How's your love life? I Can Help - Billy Swan
How will your love life be in the future? Fallin' - Alicia Keys
Are you good at school? Disappear - Hoobastank
Will you be successful? Here Comes The Hotstepper - Ini Kamoze
What song should they play at your birthday? The Jitterbug - Harry Connick Jr.
What song should they play at your graduation? Perfect - Alanis Morissette
The soundtrack of your life? Do Dat Thing - Harry Connick Jr.
You and your best friends are? U Can't Touch This - McHammer
Happy times? Weed With Willie - Toby Keith
Sad times? Juke Box Blues - Reese Witherspoon
Every day? Corazonado - Ricky Martin
For tomorrow? Aye Davanita - Pearl Jam
For you? Used To Love U - John Legend
What does the next year have in store for you? Science of Beauty podcast (attraction, puberty, hormones, etc.) - Science Channel
What do you say when life is too hard? Mr. Sunshine - Lori McKenna
What do you want as a career? Nowhere With Love - Harry Connick Jr.
Your favorite saying? U Got It Bad - Usher
How will you die? Ballad of Spider John - Jimmy Buffett (who has arachnaphobia here?!)

Just passing it on

Have a good and "Funnellicious" day.

That's coming straight from the dry-erase board in front of the Funnelicious snack stand at the People's Fair. Not only did the vendor offer funnel cakes, soft pretzels and meatballs on a stick were also for sale.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Belly movement update

OK, after Sunday's post, I haven't felt anything else.

But here is how it went down. I was taking a little walking break with a coworker, and about five paces away from the lobby door to the street, I felt a huge whack on the inside of my belly button.

One kick, punch, stretch. That was it. I explained the feeling to someone, and they discounted it as gas. I've never had gas that felt like that (and was so short-lived..haha). Anyway, after being stopped in my tracks, I waited about 15 seconds and still no movement. I waited all night. Went home and laid still, again, waiting. Still five days later, nothing. I guess I have to be patient.

My nurse practitioner said I should be feeling movement at about 20-22 weeks, and I just passed the 18-week mark yesterday. Still, I made notes of the "movement" and hopefully I'll know what it really feels like soon!

In another weird feeling last week, I felt a silly "ripping" sensation on my tummy. I thought I sprouted my first stretch mark (lovely), but when I got home I didn't see anything (and still no signs of the pesky little buggers). Ladies, it felt like a nylon run. Imagine a big rip in your pantyhose, running up your leg. That's what I felt on my stomach. Weird, I know!

Neon goofs

So I was driving home from work and many many things caught my eye.

First, it was at a salon next to my work. Then there was another one in a convenience store. Yet another one in a storefront on Broadway.

They were neon signs, advertising "OPEN" when the stores clearly were not at 12:30 a.m. After working in my family's restaurant and closing a few times, I learned the one thing we were not to forget is turning off the "open" sign. I guess it's a pet peeve of mine now.

It also is worth mentioning the convenience store on Lincoln is called "Snack Attack." That reminds me of one of my favorite recent Saturday Night Live skits. Click the link below and enjoy...(boy, those cupcakes look good)!

Lazy Sunday skit