Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No she di'int

No longer than 30 seconds after I had inspected C.'s new hybrid golf club - he says it probably will replace his 3- or 4-iron - and he set it back down, our cat Gabby did this.

I was sitting in this very space in our loft, at the computer, and the camera happened to be nearby. She was pawing at the shaft, trying to touch the grip and sniffing the club cover. Just as I wanted to snap one of these cute little curious poses, she chomped down on the graphite shaft. *Click* I couldn't have timed it better. For all you guys out there, I didn't *let* her gnaw on it, I screamed at her and she ran away, and then I ran in the other room to show C. Lest you worry, there are two or three tiny teeth marks (nicks) on the shaft, but nothing to be alarmed about.

But does anyone notice the squeaky, orange chicken toy sitting nearby? She doesn't play with that!


pinkmorning said...

that is too funny...just like little toddlers who would rather play with the wrapping paper and boxes than the brand new toys inside them...

Gina said...

What a photo! Nice going. :)